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Keng Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Keng Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
· Keng Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Pvlverizer Granulator
  FA5-750A Pvlverizer Granulator
  JA3-400 Crusher
  FA-1050-1800A Crusher
Noise-Proof Conveyer roll + Suction Crusher
  JA2-260-310 Noise-Proof Conveyer roll + Suction Crusher
Ready recovey crusher
   Ready recovey crusher
Power Crusher
  JBB5-700 Power Crusher
Dry-Type or Cleaning-Type PET Crusher
  DC6-1000 Dry-Type or Cleaning-Type PET Crusher
(flat type and claw knife) pulverizer
  JA4-500 (flat type and claw knife) pulverizer
  FA5-500A Crusher
Crusher + feeding wheel
  DA4-1214 Crusher + feeding wheel
Dry or Water wash type large material crusher
  DA7-1000 Dry or Water wash type large material crusher
  DA7-1200S Crusher
  GS-390/6020 Breakers
Recycling Equipment,Crusher / Granulator,Breaker,Other Auxiliary Machines & Spare Parts
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Our company is engaged in the production of breaker and crusher, hammer mill, conveyer, spiral conveyer, vertical hydro-extractor, material exhausting fan, whirlwind separating, electronics IC board processing plant, waste wood recycling breaker plant, plastic recycling plant and related accessories, owns a professional team working on the research and innovation in technical constantly. Following the attitude in quality insistence to serve customers, we are leading all company members toward international marketing and technical assisting plans with steady steps. We are proud of the companys policy in serious and responding attitudes, professional techniques, long term business scheme, production comply to demanding markets, providing complete design and planning. Contacts from interested buyers and agents worldwide are highly welcomed.
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