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Servo-driven Side-entry Robots
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Dong Guan Alfa Automation Machinery Limit.
· Dong Guan Alfa Automation Machinery Limit.
Products Name: Servo-driven Side-entry Robots
Products Infomation:

? AC servo motor driven on both two axes can take-out variety depth products; Or AC servo motor driven on one axis is optional for take-out thin wall products, such as CD-case.
? High rigidity 3D structure design, stable construction, low vibration, longwearing and long-life.
?Using special high precision high speed linear slide rail, wearproof, heatproof, long-life and not deformed.
?Arm with high rigidity aluminum beam, light mass, high rigidity, cooperated with double-speed belt construction ensured the take-out time.
? AC servo motor driven on single axle, crosswise axis can choose mechanically to adjust operation with mold open position.
? T type steel wire PU belt driven, good stability, precision position at ?0.1mm.

Control System
? With AC servo motor and driver, ensure longwearing and high performance.
? PLC control system, strong ability of anti-interference, stable production and fast counting.
? Big touch type screen, its easy to set and use.
? Automatically defecting , displaying and recording the failures. Convenient to maintain and problem solving.
? CE models are available, conforming with EUROMAP 12 or EUROMAP 67 standard, enclosed standard connect interface for connecting with IMM.
?Fifty groups of molding memorizing function, it can be set fast while exchanging the mold, convenient for production and increased efficiency

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