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Pnuumatic inverter Driven Beam Robots
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Dong Guan Alfa Automation Machinery Limit.
· Dong Guan Alfa Automation Machinery Limit.
Products Name: Pnuumatic inverter Driven Beam Robots
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Traverse axle can be driven by rodless cylinder or inverter motor, AC servo motor is optional. Vertical and Crosswise driven by pneumatic cylinder. Traverse axle and vertical arm are applied with advanced high rigidity linear slide rail, and light high rigidity alloy aluminum extrusion beam for Crosswise and Vertical axles. Integrating with linear guide and high rigidity bearing steel rod, it works with high speed, high efficiency, low vibration, and long use life.
Telescopic Type
Using high rigidity linear slide rail and alloy aluminum structure beam with special double-speed belt, substantially shortened the robot vertical height, and the full stroke can be achieved by half stroke of the cylinder. Thus it increased speed and stability of vertical axle. Furthermore, it can be applicable to low workshop

Air Pressure Inspection
Automatically detecting air pressure. It will alarm and display while pressure is not enough, and twitch anti-drop cylinder automatically to prevent the arm from dropping.

End of arm Tooling (E-O-A-T)
Reserved pipeline and detecting signal, a vacuum circuit and a grip circuit, can be used for vacuum/grip tooling for different products with various actions. Swivel structure can take out products cooperated with mould and fixed mould, fixed swivel angle: 90

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